Global Health Security Infographic


Global Health Security Infographic


This CDC infographic succinctly shows the three main steps in stopping the Ebola outbreak, and preventing a global spread. The first step is finding patients and diagnosing them with Ebola. This begins with a patient exhibiting a fever then getting a blood test. The blood sample is sent to a laboratory where it can be identified as containing the Ebola virus or not. The second step is if a patient is diagnosed with Ebola. The patient is isolated, preventing spread to other patients and health care providers. They are interviewed in order to trace any contact they may have had with others so that those contacts can self-isolate for twenty-one days. If one of those contacts begins to exhibit symptoms, they are the patient and the process begins again. The final step in the infographic occurs simultaneously with the first two steps as it highlights preventing Ebola spread. Prevention practices include infection control, which means people in contact with patients have the proper personal protection equipment. Prevention also means burial practices must occur safely, with limited contact


produced by CDC's Division of Creative Services


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