Caceres Atlanta Transcript


Caceres Atlanta Transcript


Q: I know that your experience with Ebola continues as deputy IM, etcetera. Maybe we should transition into that.

CACERES: Sure, so that was a great experience, too, because I felt like I had seen the Ebola response from the ground level, in the ring countries, so not the immediate countries that--of course, that would have been an entirely different experience. I really think that people that went there were doing heroic things, and kudos to those folks who were there in the midst of all of that. I didn't have the experience of the Ebola countries themselves, and I also didn't have the experience of the EOC central operations.

So I was asked to volunteer for that. And I thought, at that point, when I volunteered, I thought I would be doing it--taking time away from FETP. But at the time, I was also in transition, or was about to find out that I was going to move out of FETP and into this new position. And so I asked my supervisor in the new position, whether I could honor that commitment. And they were all for it because the EOC just happens to be in the center where my new position is, so it was again, a nice segue.

And really, the deputy IM position, at that point, I felt like I was helpful, but really, I was back-up. I would do things that were needed, and I enjoyed working with Barb [Barbara J.] Marston and Oliver [W. Morgan] and seeing the interactions that they had with Tom [Thomas R.] Frieden, with the folks on the [National] Security Council. We'd have those security-cleared meetings in the top-secret room, and give those briefings. I think I gained much more than I actually contributed there. But I was grateful for that experience.

That was at the time when the countdowns were occurring, the initial countdowns. On the day that you'd have that twenty-one-day period or forty-two-day period, we would get another case, or another--and that was kind of frustrating. I think we were all in an atmosphere where we didn't want to talk about countdowns because of the jinx.


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