Moffett Quarantine Transcript


Moffett Quarantine Transcript


There were a lot of those types of challenges, too, policy-type challenges. Quarantine was a huge, huge issue. When to implement it, how to implement it, who was responsible for implementation, who was responsible for releasing people from quarantine, were military people going to be involved? It was very, very complex, and people had different--there were some wildly varying ideas of what to do about this. I think WHO, CDC, made the same recommendation, but I think for some political reasons the government of Sierra Leone felt like they had to quarantine people. Originally, we were not keen on the quarantine idea because, again, there was no support for it. Basically, they were going to tell people they had to stay in their houses for twenty-one days, and we said, they have no water, they have no food, these people live day-to-day. You can't do this and they won't do this. Eventually, it will all break. And that was a big part of the problem. That's exactly what we saw. So that was an interesting aspect of the deployment.


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