Narra Education Transcript


Narra Education Transcript


Then I think one of the other areas that I saw that I both heard and then I saw with my own eyes was more infection prevention and control and also teaching healthcare workers that were not at Ebola treatment centers about Ebola. Do they know how to screen for that? Do they know how to triage? Do they even know what the case definition was? So I paired up with a local MSF staff nurse and that was a big passion of hers. What we did was we ended up holding a training actually at the Ebola treatment center. We brought in a lot of different local healthcare workers and had this training session with them and discussed a couple things and then what we also did was we went to some of the hospitals and health centers to give trainings to the people there and also ask, what do you think Ebola is in this? And when we were at some of these hospitals and we'd see Ebola patients in regular wards, but they just didn't recognize it as Ebola. They just thought it was malaria. It really was eye-opening to know that okay, we really need to educate the non-Ebola-treatment-center staff and the hospitals what is Ebola because this is going to spread so much quicker.


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