Gasasira IPC Transcript


Gasasira IPC Transcript


[We started something] picked up by both Guinea and [Sierra Leone], was what they were calling ring IPC [infection prevention and control]. Once a case was identified, the IPC colleagues would draw a ring around the case, a geographical ring, and within that ring go to all the health facilities and assist IPC practices and reinforce what needed to be done in terms of IPC. Because initially, if a case has been seen in an area, more often than not, that case had been to a clinic, had been to the hospital, had had contact with the health facility. And maybe if you had had contact with that health facility, another patient at that time would have moved. It became a standard response practice, and it was called ring IPC, and I think a few articles have been written about it. That was something that was started here and that was replicated in other countries after we all shared this information.


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