Gasasira Challenges Transcript


Gasasira Challenges Transcript


GASASIRA: [One of the things that came to the fore] as part of the outbreak was infection prevention and control. Suddenly, there were so many partners in this space trying to do infection prevention and control. They had gotten support from different organizations, and yeah, a lot of people got this in place and said okay, we're here to train, we're here to ensure that you're doing the right--again, I must also say that out of this experience, we started trying to put in place much stronger coordination mechanisms, and they worked to different extents. I think it helped, it helped, but there were still areas that were oversubscribed, and then there were some areas which were undersubscribed. Of course, there were big things. There were big, big ticket items like health infrastructure, the health facility infrastructure, which was not something that many partners wanted to go into. That's one, it's quite expensive; two, there's some skills that are required. At some point, the government was a bit frustrated that everybody was going for the softer, easier areas of the recovery, and that was a challenge.

Q: Was it one that you were able to resolve in any way, or did it just continue to be a challenge?

GASASIRA: I think [there was a lot of progress made].


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