McCarthy Training Transcript


McCarthy Training Transcript


MCCARTHY: Well mostly, when we went for training, they taught us how to take care of--but first of all, the dressing. How to dress to enter in the unit. How to put on our PPE. That is donning and doffing. How to put on the PPE and how to take off the PPE. You see? Mostly putting on the PPE is difficult, but not as [much as] taking it off because when you are in there and you are exhausted, you are [unclear]. You just want to rush to take off your PPE, and it is during that time, if you are not careful, you will infect yourself. You have to be very careful in doffing, that is, taking care of your PPE.


Q: Did you find that training sufficient?

MCCARTHY: Yes, for the moment. Later, again, we did other training during the course of the Ebola. Other training we carried out. IRC [International Rescue Committee] came, they trained us, gave certificates. We are doing in training.

Q: Does that mean that sometimes your procedures changed after you received later training?

MCCARTHY: No, the procedures--it's the same procedures. Although at times, procedures changed in donning. But almost the same.

Q: Sure. Like what, for example?

MCCARTHY: It's just a refreshment training. It's not to go out of the way. It's a refreshment training.

Q: Do you remember what specifically might have changed about the donning?

MCCARTHY: The donning? Well, at first, like putting on the face shield. At first, the face shield before--after you put on your coverall, before you put up the head, the cover of the coverall, you have to use your face shield. But when you put it on that way, you put the face shield then you put on the coverall, the cap of the coverall. But when you enter, you won't take a long time and it will fog. The place becomes clouded and that [unclear]. So the next, other training, again, other guy said, you put on the coverall, everything, then you put on the face shield.


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