Grison Role Transcript


Grison Role Transcript


My role in the Ebola response is basically I came here under Riders for Health. The main role that I played as an individual under the organization was to set up the sample transport system, which was meant to respond to Ebola samples from wherever they were going to be generated. By that time, generally most of the health facilities were closed. Only the major places, only the major referral hospitals, which were at the county level and some of the district-level hospitals, were operational. There were also ETUs [Ebola treatment units] and the CCCs, which were what they used to call the triple Cs, the community care centers where they would actually put in people who were suspected to be having Ebola or those who are already known to be having Ebola, where they would keep them and then transfer them to the ETUs for the treatment of Ebola. My main role, when I came here, was first to have an assessment of where can we actually start from, in terms of setting up the sample transport system that would take care of all those samples, which needed to be referred to the laboratories for testing.


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