Callis Normalcy Transcript


Callis Normalcy Transcript


We were really working hard, and it was frustrating because we hadn't opened. It's just hard when you see the need is so great and you're not getting anywhere. We really needed some good news, and I remember the day they reopened the schools. The schools had been closed for nine months--there were no children on the streets at all. It was weirdly quiet. I remember the day they opened the schools, driving out to Connaught Hospital and seeing all these kids in their school uniforms marching off to school. I just thought, oh my God, we're on the back end of this. Things are going to start to get normal again. It took a really long time for that to happen. We still had cases and clusters, and even after we got to zero, we got another case, but that to me signaled like we're on the back end of this. It's contained, if not controlled entirely. But it's contained, and we're on the back end. This is a country that had lost so much that just seeing the kids walking to school was just this vision of normalcy that there hadn't been any of it for months.


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