Mamora Preparation Transcript


Mamora Preparation Transcript


MAMORA: We all got to have a meet-and-greet, that day of training. We spent six hours in PPE [personal protective equipment], taking it off, putting it on. Our donning-doffing, that's what we called it. Over and over and over and over, and drill drill drill drill. We were like, okay. The people that were comfortable were like, oh yeah, we're comfortable, this is good, just follow the protocol. Great. Some people weren't able to physically do it, or they panicked underneath the hoods. So they bowed out. But there was a good number of us, I think there was around twenty-four, twenty-six members at the time, after that training.

Q: All of you nurses?

MAMORA: All of us nurses. We got to meet the infectious disease physicians, we call them the G5 now. [laughs] Because there's five. We got to meet them that day. Just a meet-and-greet, sort of like, hey, we might get this patient, we might not, we're just preparing. It was still that kind of preparing thing, but of course in the media, you're like, oh, yeah. You'd also hear, they're preparing to fly someone out, they might not. They might. It's still up in the air during that time. We weren't really expecting to work within the week, or even two weeks. We were just being ready, right? They were just being ready.


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