Keimbe Isolation Transcript


Keimbe Isolation Transcript


It was tough at that time. As we started collecting samples, we started having cases escaping from Kenema because at that time, I think there was a problem with security. The whole structure was not too--so you had patients escaping from the treatment, coming to Freetown. [laughs] We had to be informed. There was a time when one of them was on television, so I had to go and locate the house, take him back to Kenema. At that time, in fact, there was BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation] coverage there. I took him back. I said, "I brought your guy." So they took him.

Then finally, we had our own case in Freetown. It was from Kissy Road. The guy was from Kenema, came, and was hidden in one of the clinics. They tried to deny, but we probed and we got him and took him to the holding center. At the holding center, there was also a problem in accepting [him] because they were running out of space. They said, "If we say we are going to accept everybody you bring here, it's going to be a problem." We said, "Please, this guy, let him be." So he was placed in holding, a sample was collected, tested, and it turned out positive. That was the first case for the Western Area, and then, the problems started.


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